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Schedule Time with Brad Marconyak

Brad is a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager, Profit Solver Consultant, and Certified Veterinary Technician.   Brad works with veterinary practices helping practices to understand and improve their pricing, P&L, labor costs, labor management, and inventory management. 

Schedule Time with Andy Riddick

Andy is a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager and Profit Solver Consultant with over 25 years in veterinary management, including both private and corporate hospitals. He has experience with general, emergency, and specialty practices. 

Schedule Time with Lindsey McMakin

Lindsey is a Profit Solver Consultant and MBA, with over 20 years of veterinary management experience. She has a passion for helping practice owners and managers better connect with the financial side of the business and discovering growth opportunities through underutilized equipment and underperforming services

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