VMG Profit Solver Workshop

Steps & Registration

Welcome to the VMG Profit Solver (PS) Workshop page.

This hands-on Workshop will use your practice data to work through the services and pricing exercises. As a result, we will need to gather critical data before the Workshop to set up your file and populate the Profit Solver software with your information.

Below are the steps and information needed before the Workshop. If we have any questions about your data, our consultants will connect with you before the Workshop.

Step 1

Complete Registration for Workshop

(5 min)

After registration, we will set up your Profit Solver file and your consultant will be assigned to your account within 7 days. In the meantime, you can go to step 2 and begin gathering your reports.

Step 2

Generate Reports (15-20 Min)

Below is the information that is needed and the instructions to help you gather the reports

Due by October 26th

Information Needed Source Time Period
Profit and Loss Statement Accounting Software (i.e. Quickbooks or CPA) Most Recent 12 month Period Completed
Payroll Summary Report Payroll company or Quickbooks Same Time Period as Profit & Loss
Doctors production Practice Management Software Same Time Period as Profit & Loss
Services Report Practice Management Software Same Time Period as Profit & Loss
Equipment Information Fixed Asset Report from Quickbooks or CPA  
Here are the resource guides to help you generate your reports.  Click on the Blue Wording to access the guide and download, if needed.

Please Read this Instruction Guide First Click Button Below:

Practice Management Report Help Guides

(click on wording to access guide)

Step 3

Submit Reports to Profit Solver (5 min)

You can email your reports to your Profit Solver consultant who will be in contact with you after registration or you can Email to [email protected]

Due by October 28th

Step 4

Consultant Will Contact You If Needed

There may be questions on the reports that you provide us and we will contact you to clarify the data if needed.

Step 5

Complete Pre-Meeting Survey (5-7 minutes)

We will send you a brief survey prior our meeting to allow us to tailor our meeting to meet your goals.

Week of October 31st

Step 6

Your Profit Solver File is Ready for the Workshop

We must have your software file ready for the workshop.  Your consultant will work with you to make sure all the data is ready by the due date.

Due November 2nd

What If We Have Questions:

You can email or call anyone of us at any time, if you have any questions or need help with any of the information requested.

Ulli Riddick – 855-810-9274 opt 1 or email [email protected]

Brad Marconyack – 954-614-8835 or email [email protected]

Steve Castillo – 512-593-5500 or email [email protected]