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Why Choose Profit Solver?

Maximize profits for years to come!

Because You Get The Best Profits

After helping over 1,200 practices increase profits, we’ve become experts at maximizing results with minimal pricing changes.

Our software will provide you with key information, and our consultants will guide you, so you know which service prices to adjust and by how much so that you can get the most profit without losing customers.

You can be confident that we’ll help you do it right the first time. You won’t be left wondering if you made a costly mistake because we guide you through every step!

Maximize profits for years to come!

Because You Save A TON Of Time

To implement Profit Solver we only need about 8 hours of your time! If you were to try doing everything that Profit Solver does by yourself it could easily take months.

You can rely on our expert consultants to get you up and running quickly. No time wasted trying to figure things out on your own!

You have access to our proprietary time & motion studies database, which means you can skip the monumental task of manually timing how long it takes to perform every service.

You can easily make changes on the fly with just a few clicks. No need to create and update formulas in Excel; the software does all the work for you.

Skip straight to the results!

Double your investment - guaranteed!

Because You Get A Guaranteed ROI

Profit Solver offers a guarantee: double your investment or it’s free.

Risk-free is an overused term, but this is literally risk-free. You can have peace of mind that you’re making a safe financial decision.

You can also trust that we stand by our service; we offer this guarantee because we know Profit Solver works!

Double your investment - guaranteed!

“Profit Solver does help you sleep at night”

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“Profit Solver has come through with their promises”

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“To my surprise and pleasure, the software showed me how to significantly increase my profits the very first time we used it. And to make it even better, each year thereafter we’ve realized the profit goals we’ve set. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this product again today at twice the price.”

Dr. Diederik Lagerwerff – Owner of The Animal Doctors clinic in Palo Alto, CA

“We had some service pricing that was way off. Those were the services that needed attention and those were the areas that we addressed. Well worth the money.”

Dr. Robert Gribble – Owner of Hallsville Veterinary Hospital in Hallsville, TX

“[Profit Solver] opened our eyes as to exactly how much it costs to provide a service with the employees we have on staff. I now have a cost-per-minute for each employee and a charge-per-minute of what is needed to acheive a certain profit level for our employers. We saw an increase of $400 to $800 per day immediately.

Connie Passmore – Hospital Administrator at Centre Animal Hospital in State College, PA

Take The Next Step

My name is Steve Castillo.

I am the CEO of Fee Technology, the maker of Profit Solver.

I’d love to schedule a quick call to discuss your practice and answer any questions you might have about Profit Solver!

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