Explain how to make profits

By purchasing Profit Solver you don't just get our software, but also a full consultation and implementation of the program from one of our highly trained consultants.


We will start by explaining what profit truly means to help you understand how it values your business.

We then tweak your pricing, costs and protocols based on the calculations, from our patented formula, that are integrated into our software.


Our aim is to help your business achieve an optimum profit level. Typically, we like to see our clients reach 15-20% profit on average. And we'll help you all the way.

Not bad for a few hours of your time….

Our technology is not available elsewhere.

So we'll guide you step by step through the process and offer you advice from our experts.

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Profit Solver may well be the solution your business needs.


Are you wondering why you don't make as much as you think you do?


Do you feel stuck having to watch your competitor's prices?


Do you feel you can't add value to any of the services you offer?


Are you having to cut staff costs and benefits to survive?


ProfitSolver could be the solution. It does what it says - it solves profit. And it doesn't get in the way of your daily trading activities. In simple terms, ProfitSolver will give you an easy to understand picture of what each service you offer costs precisely, shows you how much to charge and where you to adjust things to make a profit.

Profit SolverTM, the key to profit.

Profit SolverTM turns every business action into a profit center.

Not every business makes money on everything they do. Sometimes it's possible that's a deliberate choice, such as a loss leader but often, it's because the costs aren't fully understood.


With just a few simple adjustments here and there, your business can make thousands more. We have many happy clients who can prove it. When you see it in action, you'll understand how and where even small tweaks can have big results.


Profit Solver will show how changing a small cost on a few procedures can make a big difference. And it shows you the projected result of that change immediately - so you can make adustments up or down, factor in other variables etc and see precisely what you'll make. More often than not, it won't even affect your client, so it's not a case of just raising prices - you'll be shown many ways in which fees can be set.

What's the catch?, you may ask.


It's too time consuming and it seems too technical:

The only thing that is required in the program itself is payroll input. If you prefer you can also fill in an excel sheet that we can import into the program for you.


Remember we are not initially looking at ALL your services, just a specific subset whose time and motion studies we very simply customize during implementation. Those specific services we provide you with a form so we can input your inventory purchase price and information concerning services, quantity performed and price. Sounds complicated but the reality is we'll hold your hand throughout implementation and beyond.


And before you know it, you'll see results clearer than ever.

Profit SolverTM - financial software but not as you know it. Easy to understand. Easy to implement.

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Profit SolverTM is guaranteed to bring results. We can measure them.

An easy claim - but a difficult one to back up.


Consultants at Fee Technology spent years doing the math - you can now benefit from our experience. That experience has seen us gain a patent and success for many businesses.


Profit Solver will not only show you the results of instant changes - we also have a unique device that can show you a graphic representation of which services make more money for you - our PROFITABILITY CURVE. Examine the curve and you'll see a window into your business profits. The Profitability Curve is a snapshot of every service, shown as a comparative graph - you will see which are close to breakeven, loss or profit.


For maybe the first time, you'll see instantly what is working and what isn't - allowing you to then choose which service to adjust. Profit Solver puts you in control.


Not only does Profit Solver show you a direct correlation between fees and profit, the

program builds in all costs, shows weak spots in your pricing structure and allows you to adjust elements such as staff costs, billable hours, procedure prices as well as overheads.


The program provides every business owner with a means to increase business value, offer staff wages and benefits, and upgrade and buy new equipment.


And through years of experience in the veterinary industry, we have been able to build a comprehensive fees program that can be used in modular pieces as a basic package or customized for almost any business.


Profit Solver will work for you too. Guaranteed.

Profit SolverTM even solves the problems of inventory pricing and staff benefits.

See it in action

Watch our demo

Profit Solver, managing business fees for better profits
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fees, setting fees

Discover how Profit SolverTM makes sense for this business…

fees, setting fees

After implementing Profit Solver, Patton Veterinary Center not only improved their bottom line by a significant margin, they eased their workload and now have a simpler and more effective way of setting their fees.


This is their story…

ProfitSolver, fee setting software

Guaranteed results


A profit center

See inside

Easy to implement

Additional Benefits

Profit SolverTM is like having X Ray vision for business.

Profit Solver's methodology is so simple, you'll wonder why it hasn't been available before now.


You could think of it as having X Ray vision - or, as we like to say, it's just math.


With a couple of hundred services with inventory and equipment are already preloaded in the Profit Solver program to get you started quickly, in less than a day (much less in many cases), you'll very likely see huge results. In terms of hourly returns, 4-8 hours implementation can lead to adjustments that can save or make hundreds of thousands of dollars.


We even have the client base to prove it. Over the last decade we've worked with many veterinary practices, some of whom have saved upwards of $92,000 per year - those few hours quickly become a worthwhile time investment.

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