Boost veterinary practice profitability and confidently set fair prices

Profit Solver is patented financial software that helps you boost veterinary practice profitability and confidently set fair, competitive prices.

  • Uses a proprietary time and motion database with your own practice data to recommend changes that will improve your clinic’s financial health 
  • More effective than guesswork, competitor pricing, or national benchmarks because your costs are different from other practices

Our consultants will help you set up this unique software in your practice.

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What is Profit Solver? (1:35 min) video clip

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What’s Possible With Profit Solver?

Profit Solver Financial Health Packages make it easy for you to manage a few of the most critical elements of your business that are essential to increasing veterinary practice profitability.


  • Analyze up to 90 of the most frequently delivered services in your business
  • Review the exact profit or loss of each service
  • Develop pricing strategies
  • Pinpoint changes in your practice that can deliver an immediate increase in profitability
  • Identify potential new services and revenue streams

75% of practice owners will raise fees on average 4-6%, but have no process to determine if the increase will make them profitable. Profit Solver can change that.

Profit Solver Software Screenshots

Employee Detail

Service Report

Profitability Chart

Sample Service – Exam

Evidence-based Pricing.

Grab the benefits of Profit Solver.

Do you work long days to provide excellent care, but profit levels and cash flow are not allowing your business to thrive? Profit Solver Financial Health packages boost your profitability, so you can spend less time worrying about financials and more time caring for your patients.

Profit Solver Enables You To:

Confidently Set Prices

  • Review the exact profit or loss for each of the services you offer by using our Evidence-based Pricing
  • Understand your true costs and set prices that are fair, completitive, AND profitable
  • Help your staff understand and explain pricing to clients

Make Informed Decisions

  • Understand how you can offer your staff healthcare and other benefits
  • See how to cover overhead and future increases in wages and healthcare
  • Better navigate decisions about funding new buildings, improvements, and equipment

Reach Your Financial Goals

  • More easily manage the most critical elements essential to increasing veterinary practice profitability
  • Enhance the profitability of your current practice without adding new sales or clients
  • Identify potentially profitable new services and revenue opportunities
  • Decide what profit level you want to reach and Profit Solver gets you there

“To my surprise and pleasure, the software showed me how to significantly increase my profits the very first time we used it. And to make it even better, each year thereafter we’ve realized the profit goals we’ve set. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this product again today at twice the price.”

Diederik Lagerwerff

Veterinary Practice Owner, Palo Alto, CA

Profit Solver clients have increased cash flow by an average of $92K per year without increasing sales.

Learn how Patton Veterinary Hospital increased their profit by $60K. (3:01 min) video clip

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Read the Case Study To

See how Centre Animal Hospital Increase their annual profit by $70K

Proven Annual Process

Start improving your practice’s financial health with our Proven Process, which can lead to adjustments that save or make you hundreds of thousands of dollars. A Fee Technology consultant will guide you through the process, which requires an investment of 6-8 hours total, usually over a period of a few weeks.

1. Kickoff Webinar

  • Identify financial data to be gathered
  • Set schedule to complete the process

2. Gather Your Annual Data

  • Current year financials
  • Updated inventory cost
  • Price and quantity of services offered
  • Don’t worry – videos, instructions, and consultants will help you
  • Consultant loads data into Profit Solver

3. Profit Webinar

  • Review current profit position
  • Set profitability goals for practice

4. Implementation Webinar

  • Analyze break-even cost of best-selling services
  • Find exact profit or loss of each service
  • Explore pricing strategies
  • Review opportunities for improving business

5. Measure Your Success

  • Check-in call to measure results after implementation
  • Review against your profit goals
  • Make adjustments if required

See how to increase your profit with our Proven Process (1.50 min) video clip

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See the Results

Veterinary Hospitals with Profit Solver

Make It Happen for YOUR Practice!

Across 1,000 implementations, owners increased veterinary practice profitability an average of $7,500 a month — quickly turning the implementation time into a worthwhile investment.


Use Profit Solver to increase your practice’s profit, GUARANTEED.

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